Although Lebanon’s hospitality industry is one of the three most essential to its economy, it is hardly regulated and is lacking in adequate government-sponsored training and support. Those that suffered due to heavy competition or to the economic crisis, or to other reasons were left without a net.

Next Ideaz, established by industry expert Pierre Akiki, in 2007, stepped in to fill the void by ushering these businesses into profitability. The response from Lebanese hotels, restaurants and franchises was so strong that the company was immediately flooded with clients.

Over the years, Next Ideaz has been fortunate to provide consultancy to and be associated with some of the world’s most outstanding brands and has been proud to be able to launch new successful brands, high value concepts, slash spending drastically, increase sales and turn profits, within six months. Next Ideaz has helped hotels, fine dining, QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), beach resorts, theme parks, and others across the Middle East, to achieve brand equity and to expand into new regional markets, within two years of opening.

Next Ideaz gained prominence in the industry thanks to satisfied clients, as well as to partners and colleagues who trust in the company’s integrity. This success propelled Pierre to recruit his trusted collaborator, Halim Haddad, also an industry expert, and to assemble a team that includes financial analysts, accountants, marketers, architects, interior decorators, project management and food and beverage specialists.

As a result of demand by UAE hospitality enterprises to provide them with concept, operational or financial development, Next Ideaz opened an office in Dubai, in 2010, now the company’s headquarters.


To provide hospitality business owners profit enhancement and operational efficiency systems to leverage their assets against market forces.

To expand into the GCC  & Far East market, by developing our core strengths and partnering with key industry players with a view to becoming the dominant regional hospitality consultancy.

A consultancy’s most enduring quality is founded on its values, and these are the principles that guide our spirit and our business.  Through our values, we aim to bring comfort to businesses facing challenges, and through our work, we aim to bring them success.

We know that when our clients succeed, we do too, and are therefore vigilant in our efforts to ensure their satisfaction. A consultancy’s main assurance for growth is a sterling reputation, which is necessarily derived from trust, the principle on which we lay the foundation of our work and on which our clients are able to depend.

A consultancy’s main service is its market knowledge and acumen, the second most important value, therefore, is to provide expertise that will faithfully see our clients to success. Additionally, we believe in keeping our pulse on the industry’s latest trends, standards and developments that we may evolve with it to the benefit of our business growth and that of our clients.

The abundance of hospitality businesses in the Middle East has pushed demand for inventive business and promotional concepts, especially in the age of smart technology, when many hotels and restaurants are finding themes indispensable to their success. To that end, we have placed emphasis on creative development as a central component of our work, with the aim of helping our clients maximize exposure.