The Next Ideaz Events Program organizes hospitality or private events, including: conferences, business or branch grand openings, product launches, weddings, religious and other ceremonies, tourist outings and more.

Event planning is a complicated business; it requires precise organizational skills, market knowledge and passion. The Next Ideaz Events Program is designed to take the hassle out of the client’s hands and arrange all details seamlessly and on time, to ensure success. The Program begins with an extensive consultation with the client and a checklist that covers all aspects, phases and features of the event from venue selection to media coverage and everything in between. This plan is then adhered to as a blueprint for the entire event and follow-up phases.

The theme conception and development is a key feature of this Program, as it helps to bolster the identity of the event. A successful concept is designed in coordination with the client’s expectations and the event purpose and unique requirements. The purpose of the theme for a public event is to provide a handle for the media and encourage coverage; and for a private event, to ensure that the hosts and the guests enjoy themselves and always remember it fondly. Therefore, particular attention is paid to the creative process, while planning.

The most crucial aspect of a successful event is its accurate management. The major areas of the event include venue selection and management, speaker and participant management, guest management for private events, event accounting and finance, catering, assessment and development of operational equipment, hosting and staffing, travel and hotel accommodations, ground transportation planning and coordination as well as safety and quality procedures. The Next Ideaz Events Program, ensure precise execution of each step in the management process, from beginning to end.

A properly publicized event can make the difference between a long term, profitable and remembered event and a one-hit wonder. For public events to succeed and have a chance to survive years and decades, they must be well-organized and well-publicized. Next Ideaz prepares a detailed media and PR plan and implements it methodically to achieve maximum exposure and exceptional guest satisfaction, to help the event achieve continuity.


“planning is risky” but you plan in order to minimize risk

Entrepreneurs who start new business may overestimate the size of the market in their area and not take into account the tough competition they will face from established business with loyal clientele.

Doing a feasibility study prior to investing the time and money to open a new business can help an entrepreneur make a more informed decision about the venture's chances of success.

Next Ideaz will assist and conduct a professional feasibility study to sets a turnkey map on: obtain marketing statistics, evaluate potential locations, review the competitions, study the industry, look at your cost structure, and evaluate management capability.

The feasibility study assessment phase covers: assumption, Staff cost, P&L, Cash-flow & results summary.


"it is not how much you make but how much you keep"

The real question is: what are the reasons for business failure? It is because management, concept, competition, location….the essential reason that the money earned does not covered the cost.

It is always important to recognize that for every one dollar spend you need more than three dollar earning to cover…

The Next Idea program provides a forward thinking Cost Reduction solutions – these include but not limited to:

F&B cost management and improvement, inventory control, implement standard menu cost tools, P&L analysis and saving plan, purchasing control cycle and more.

Company A: Chain of 15 restaurants – combined sales: 25 M$
Reduced cost 1.5 M$ per year on controllable and expenses.

Company B: chain of casual dining restaurant sales: 8 M$
Reduced food and beverage cost 12 % through re-engineering menu, product ordering cycle and enhanced operational practices.

Company C: Hotel 5 star sales: 17.5 M$
Reduced overhead and expenses by 1.25 M$, through detailed review on all expenses and operation overhead cost.

Company D: Department store sales: 7.6 M$
Reduced departmental administration costs by 4 % through detailed review of corporate expenses and issue a saving plan on cost reduction.

After 6 months working with Pierre Akiki (NEXT IDEAZ), I learned the real meaning of Cost Control...