We offer business owners profit-enhancing and operational efficiency systems to maximize the value of their assets in the face of market forces.


Our goal is to achieve geographical expansion by establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders, particularly in the GCC, Europe and the USA, positioning ourselves as a pioneering consultancy firm on a global scale.



While Lebanon's hospitality industry ranks among the top three sectors crucial to its economy, it faces minimal regulation and suffers from a lack of sufficient government-sponsored training and support. Many establishments have struggled in the face of intense competition, economic crises and other factors, leaving them without a safety net.
Founded by industry expert Pierre Akiki in 2007, Next Ideaz stepped in to address this gap and guide these businesses toward profitability. The enthusiastic response from Lebanese hotels, restaurants, and franchises was so overwhelming that the company quickly found itself flooded with clients
Over the years, Next Ideaz has had the privilege of providing consultancy services and establishing partnerships with some of the world's most exceptional brands. We take pride in our capability to not only successfully introduce new brands and high-value concepts but also significantly reduce expenses, increase sales and generate profits in just six months. Next Ideaz has played an essential role in helping retails, factories, farms, hotels, fine dining establishments, quick service restaurants (QSRs), beach resorts, theme parks and various other businesses across the Middle East build brand equity and expand into new regional markets within two years of their establishment
Next Ideaz gained recognition in the industry due to the satisfaction of its clients and the trust of partners and colleagues in the company's integrity. This success prompted Dr. Pierre to bring aboard his trusted partners: ABDO WAKED and RAMZI ABOU JALAD, both industry experts. Together, they assembled a highly successful team characterized by unity and loyalty, which includes financial analysts, managerial accountants, supply chain manager, cost control manager, cost analysts, franchise manager, and food and beverage specialists. In response to the growing demand from hospitality enterprises abroad, Next Ideaz expanded its operations by opening an office in California, USA in 2022. Presently, the company offers its services in other states, such as Rhode Island and Boston.

Our Consultancy Approach

We understand that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients, and thus, we are firm in our commitment to ensure their satisfaction. A consultancy's primary path to growth is built upon a sterling reputation, which is fundamentally rooted in trust – the very keystone upon which we base our work and upon which our clients can consistently rely.
The primary offering of a consultancy lies in its market knowledge and expertise. The second most crucial aspect is to offer expertise that guides our clients to success. Furthermore, we are committed to staying attentive to the industry's latest trends, standards and developments, allowing us to adapt and evolve for the benefit of our own business growth and, by extension, that of our clients.
The widespread presence of hospitality businesses in the Middle East has heightened the demand for innovative business and promotional concepts, particularly in the era of smart technology, where hotels and restaurants often consider themed approaches vital for their success. In response, we make creative development a central focus of our services, aiming to help our clients enhance their visibility and extend their reach.

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Dr. Pierre Akiki, PhD

Founder and CEO

In his role as the leader of Next Ideaz business consultancy, Pierre Akiki plans the path for the company's vision to promote growth and offers guidance to his senior staff as they collaborate with him in shaping the company's role within the industry. In this capacity, he establishes the overarching project strategy and ensures the successful achievement of significant objectives from inception to completion.

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Established in 2007, Next Ideaz is an international hotel and restaurant consulting group based in Beirut and USA. We are specializing in Concept creation & development, brand and product development, architectural and interior design.

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