Pierre Akiki, PhD

Founder and CEO

As head of the Next Ideaz business consultancy, Pierre Akiki sets the course for his company’s vision to drive growth, and provides leadership to his senior staff as they support him in forging the company’s role in the industry. In this capacity, he sets the overarching project strategy and oversees the successful accomplishment of major objectives through to completion.

The company has garnered 394 projects in twelve years with a 200% annual growth rate from its local and international activities in Lebanon, KSA, Kuwait, Cyprus, Iraq, UAE, Togo, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and Madrid. Next Ideaz’s manage a business workflow value / year above $638 million, with more than 40 employees.

His extensive background in hospitality management and tourism includes proven expertise in multiple core competencies, such as: driving efficiency and productivity; logistical process improvement; setting financial guidelines to boost income; directing highly-skilled teams to achieve client success; integrating technological systems; and implementing quality and safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Throughout his career, Pierre, who is fluent in three languages, has demonstrated to clients from around the ME, AFRICA & EUROPE, the key qualities that are indispensable to a leading consultant: he is sought out for his business acumen, his active listening and collaborative methods, and his ability to apply knowledge to multiple specialties, all of which go to gain his clients’ trust in him.

Internationally, Pierre has developed a restaurant chain in the United Arab Emirates, Q-Gourmet, and pioneered the business growth of the Hayatt Grand Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, Yelmolli Marché in the UAE, and Lebanese restaurants in Madrid. Pizzaro, which he launched in 2010, is worth $15 million and consists of 18 branches throughout the UAE, as of 2018.

Pierre earned a master’s degree in marketing from the American University of Technology, following a bachelor’s in hotel management from the State University of New York-Empire State Collage. His accumulated training and experience in hospitality prompted him to a doctoral program in tourism and geography from Lebanon’s St. Joseph University in year 2019.

He continues to broaden his knowledge of the industry through training courses such as franchise management, updates in audit and accounting, procurement and logistics management, project management, hygiene and sanitation in food service and customer satisfaction.

He conducts industry seminars and workshops, such as “Fundamentals of Effective Cost Control and Logistic standards”, in collaboration with the American University of Cairo.

He conducts also a “Supply Chain Management & Control” with ICTN in collaboration with “Daher Food” since 2019.

He is a contributor to Food Service Consultant magazine in Europe.

He achieved ISO 22000 certification in Food Safety Management system, in 2007—the standards included, hygiene, food safety, quality and management systems.

Pierre has been an Instructor of hospitality & Management studies at AUT, Notre Dame University and St. Joseph University since 2005. He has been a professional member of FCSI-Europe & ME (Foodservice Consultants Society International) since 2014.

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