Cost Control


"it is not how much you make but how much you keep"

The real question is: what are the reasons for business failure? It is because management, concept, competition, location….the essential reason that the money earned does not covered the cost.

It is always important to recognize that for every one dollar spend you need more than three dollar earning to cover…

The Next Idea program provides a forward thinking Cost Reduction solutions – these include but not limited to:

F&B cost management and improvement, inventory control, implement standard menu cost tools, P&L analysis and saving plan, purchasing control cycle and more.

Company A: Chain of 15 restaurants – combined sales: 25 M$
Reduced cost 1.5 M$ per year on controllable and expenses.

Company B: chain of casual dining restaurant sales: 8 M$
Reduced food and beverage cost 12 % through re-engineering menu, product ordering cycle and enhanced operational practices.

Company C: Hotel 5 star sales: 17.5 M$
Reduced overhead and expenses by 1.25 M$, through detailed review on all expenses and operation overhead cost.

Company D: Department store sales: 7.6 M$
Reduced departmental administration costs by 4 % through detailed review of corporate expenses and issue a saving plan on cost reduction.

I am writing to recommend the services of NEXT IDEAZ. It has been working with Royal Gourmet SAL...