To whom it may concern, First let me introduce myself; Sami Hochar President and managing partner of "CATERTAINMENT SAL" a Beirut based company since 2001. Catertainment owns the Master Franchise of "Lina's Paris" with more than 10 outl' Beirut and the area and also the Managing Partner of "OBI Urban Sushi" with 5 out in the same region. We have been working with "Next Ideaz" since 2015. They carry the role of "Outsourcing Cost Controller". Through their team collaboration, expertise and detailed work they helped upgrad cost control flow of work, which helped us improve substantially our results. With their accessibility and great follow back and feedback our cost control depart became more constructive and efficient. This note is to recommend "NEXT 1DEAZ "as a new and constructive element in upgrading and maintaining a healthy cost control department and more. I take this opportunity to recommend "NEXT IDEAZ" for any potential project in lc International market".

Sami Hochar President and managing partner 


I am writing to recommend the services of NEXT IDEAZ. It has been working with Royal Gourmet SAL firm since 2016 as Outsourcing Cost Controller. Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track during the recent years and through a major market changes.

It is not only thorough but also easy to work with their team and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Their team are knowledgeable, commitment & corporative to our Management and that showed a great result in turning an effective results at end of every year.

I feel confident in recommending NEXT IDEAZ outsourcing cost control services in local & International market.

 Bahha Karkouh General Manager

Royal Gourmet EST.1996

Next Ideaz' is a professional company which brought to our chains of restaurants a significant substantial savings.

Their teams are highly qualified & efficient. I am highly recommending 'Next Ideaz' to any business with the objectives to reduce cost & increase profits.

Melissa Bakhos “Senior Director” Kazami s.a.r.l

Mr. Pierre Akiki has been hired to handle the cost control role at Kazami Company since September 2012 and he still working till date. During throughout the past 7 years Mr. Akiki show professionalism in his work, managing his department appropriately, providing detailed monthly cost reports and taking the needed corrective actions regarding the cost, inventories, stock, yielding, purchasing and deals.
Mr. Akiki show of high morale business ethics toward Kazami, always provide second opinion in order to succeed the business unit.

Youssef Dhaini Operations Manager

After 6 months working with Pierre Akiki (NEXT IDEAZ), I learned the real meaning of Cost Control after 25 years of experience

Classic Burger Joint Management