The Program helps a potential or established franchisee to determine their financial and business readiness to invest in a franchise. In addition, the Program reviews all aspects of the franchisee’s marketability, to identify areas of strength and weakness and to determine the chance that the franchisor will select them over other applicants.

The risks of investing in a franchise, whether established or new, are not simple. Although a franchise provides with its purchase a pre-set structure of procedures, marketing and other facilities, it is not fail-safe. Through this development plan, franchisees will be advised on which franchise is most promising; on how to judge a good location; and on how to convince the franchisor of its expected returns; franchises will be trained on how to select the right staff, train them, while they themselves learn the business, its systems and procedures and how to market it; they will learn to adhere to the franchisor’s brand standards; they will learn how to reduce cost and maximize profits and how to understand the market; they will be advised on the major points of agreement with the franchisor, thereby limiting costly legal consultations; this Program also implements quality assurance procedures that adhere to the franchisor’s expectations.

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