Hotel Assessment

The mission of the Next Ideaz Hotel Program is to provide consulting services and development to stimulate the hotel’s growth and ensure its long-term profitability.

During the assessment of operations phase, a thorough study is made of the hotel’s major functions such as: standard operating procedures; logistics; food and beverage production and service; major functions’ needs assessment; standardization of systems and processes; equipment; maintenance and utility; staffing capabilities and quality assurance.

This phase assesses all accounting functions and statements and ensures that they are in order and able to communicate the financial standing of the company. The accounting assessment phase covers the budgets and economic resources of every division of the hotel to determine their contribution to the hotel’s financial success.

The concept, or theme of a hotel continues to skyrocket in importance, therefore its assessment is comprehensive and includes but is not limited to an in-depth analysis of the brand; layout, size and service allocation.

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