Hotel Development


Next Ideaz takes particular care to ensure continuity and standards in the implementation of a hotel’s strategic planning and takes into account: standard operating procedures; restaurant operations; setting standards for front office operations including: front desk, concierge service, bellhops; housekeeping services; convention and catering development plan.

The development of the human resources department firstly ensures that management bring out the best in its staff and to ensure that their capabilities match their roles. A happy staff is one of the most powerful components in a hotel’s promotional arsenal, and helps to boost operations and financial performance.

The ultimate purpose of financial development is not to achieve maximum profits once; it is to establish a roadmap for consistently high earnings for several years to come. A sound development plan achieves this result by creating balance and achieving precise control over spending and ROI. This step is crucial in lowering costs and increasing revenue.

To be lucrative, the hospitality industry thrives on form as well as function. To that end, the implementation of a conceptual theme includes brand development, architectural design and service allocation; market trends; promotional strategy; internal and external communications.

I am writing to recommend the services of NEXT IDEAZ. It has been working with Royal Gourmet SAL...