Next Ideaz 2023 Year in Review

Despite facing global political and economic challenges, 2023 was the most successful year to date for Next Ideaz. Our dazzling growth and expansion were marked by the confidence our local and international clients have placed in us. This trust stands as a testament to our commitment to being a loyal partner by their side.

Closing out 2023, Next Ideaz celebrated a series of new projects, a business workflow value/year of over $438 million, and a diverse portfolio of restaurants, beach resorts, factories, and hotels in various countries, including KSA, Kuwait, Cyprus, Iraq, UAE, Togo, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, France, Spain, and the US.

In line with our vision to drive growth internationally, 2023 saw a momentous success with the launch of our US operations. This natural progression for our growing company was driven by the vibrancy of the US market. We aim to bring the same values that propelled a 200% organic growth in clients in 2023 to our prospective US customers.

California, in particular, offers many advantages, boasting the highest GDP in the country at $3.5 trillion. The state’s hospitality sector is one of the largest in the country, generating around $100 billion in economic activity annually. Our representative office in San Diego, the first of our US operations, will bring a fresh approach to the most pressing issues facing the California hospitality sector, such as labor shortages and high competition.

In 2024, our East Coast operations, comprising branches in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, will be launched. They will be centered in Boston, where the Leisure, Hospitality, and Tourism sector generates $28 billion in economic activity annually, making it the third-largest in Massachusetts. Despite the sector heroically enduring the most severe economic conditions, it was not unscathed. These crises have resulted in lower turnover, increased costs, and decreased profitability. We will provide tried-and-true formulas and pertinent market data to eliminate waste and maximize profits for our East Coast clients.

Looking back on the factors that contributed to the 2023 successes is the proud knowledge that, four years after the crash of the Lebanese economy, all of our local clients are not only still in business but also thriving. The colossal crisis, which decimated 80% of Lebanon’s hospitality sector and whose effects are still felt today, was overcome through unconventional means. Faced with such a tremendous challenge, we had to think outside of the box, applying new techniques and tireless monitoring of day-to-day operations. We feel blessed to have been able to play such a crucial role in saving the livelihoods and aspirations of so many business owners, their families, and staff.

I would like to thank our clients in Lebanon and around the world for trusting us and helping us reach these significant milestones in 2023. A consultancy’s main assurance for growth is a sterling reputation, demonstrable expertise, and ingenuity. With this in mind, we look forward to new horizons in 2024 with you.

Last but not least, thank you to the staff of Next Ideaz and especially to my partners, Abdo, Ramzi, Rawad, and Roula, whose passion and dedication have been the key to the success of our company and our clients’.

Pierre Akiki

Next Ideaz Founder

Established in 2007, Next Ideaz is an international hotel and restaurant consulting group based in Beirut and USA. We are specializing in Concept creation & development, brand and product development, architectural and interior design.

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