Restaurant Development


The restaurant development process begins with the assessment recommendations and subsequently enters into a developmental stage, which encompasses the following criteria:

The logistical development of a restaurant ensures that the organizational arrangement in front-of-house and in the kitchen, the output, the menu, standardization of systems and processes, equipment, maintenance and utility, staffing and quality assurance are working in harmony to eliminate waste and bring about maximum profitability.

Menu costing, food quality and accessibility are this program’s forte and indispensable to a financially secure restaurant. This Program’s profit development delves into all necessary business and accounting planning to reduce costs and maximize assets.

Staff development, capacity building, organization, reporting systems timeliness, appearance, communication, mentoring, logistics and industry best-practices for quality assurance between the kitchen and front-of-house provide consistency, service quality and higher sales. By striking the right balance, the Next Ideaz Restaurant Program will help restaurants to drive growth.

The development of the restaurant theme is drawn from the in-depth evaluation of the client’s present or planned theme and is followed by a conceptualization phase to elicit the optimum theme. The creative concept covers architectural designs, décor and atmosphere, menu development, as well as branding, promotion and event planning.

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